Warm weather will eventually be here and when it is, I have a unique product to protect your hands when you open your barbecue lid and the handle is hot from the sun. The GrillinGrip fits around the barbecue handle … Continue reading

Most Frequently Asked Question

We are asked this question so often, I must have answered it in a blog post before, but I could not find it. “I don’t like the look of the flame or the logs in my fireplace, how can I … Continue reading

Gas Log Ignition Options

There are several options available for igniting your fireplace gas log set.  This post will be limited to options for fully vented gas log sets, but most of these options are also applicable to Vent Free Fireplace Gas Log Sets … Continue reading

Turkey Time

This is the time of the year that we start thinking about how are we going to cook the turkey.  The following recipe was prepare by our own Tom Hasenstein.  Worth trying.   Turkey on the Rotisserie By Tom Hasenstein … Continue reading

Time to do a check on your Gas Logs

As we approach the cooler months and the holidays, we start using our fireplace gas logs sets.  At Arizona Gas Products, we recommend that you either perform or have performed some basic checks of your gas logs systems to insure … Continue reading

Fire Pits

Fire Pits have become a popular addition to the outdoor entertainment area. They provide a place to gather, some warmth and can be an attractive mood setter. Your choices are to buy a pre-made pit or to construct a pit. … Continue reading

Cleaning BBQ / Grills

Cleaning BBQ / Grill Most of us have our own favorite methods of cleaning our BBQ.  Here are some suggestions from each of us in Arizona Gas Products and from the internet.  Pledger – I think the single most important thing … Continue reading

Why Infrared Grilling is Best

RADIANCE VS. CONVECTION Without getting overly technical, heat transfer can occur one of three ways – conduction, convection or radiation. Conduction requires direct contact between two objects and is used frequently in cooking. Sautéing and pan-frying both rely on conduction … Continue reading

Considerations when selecting a new barbecue / grill

Are you looking for a new barbecue or grill? Arizona Gas Products always suggest that people start their selection process with reviewing what they cook the most and how they like to cook – indirect cooking, low and slow, high … Continue reading

BBQ Wood Smoking 101

Arizona Gas Products encourages everyone to try using smoking wood. It doesn’t matter if you have a gas grill, a kamado cooker or standard charcoal grill, you can use wood chips, chunks or shavings to add a new favor to … Continue reading